Event Support

Event Meetings with SABS

Organizations with SABS bank accounts MUST meet with a staff member to discuss in-person sales events. At this meeting, you will receive information about the supplies and equipment you will need to run a financially sound event and meet all University policies. Event meetings need to occur at least one week prior to the start of the event.

If your event involves a third party (ex. Blaze Pizza, Sweet Madeline's, Yankee Candle) and they are requesting a tax ID number, meet with SABS staff to request a W-9 form. In this scenario, the third party is collecting the funds directly and sending your organization a commissions check.

What types of events require a meeting?

Treasurers should meet with a SABS staff member whenever your organization is collecting money. Popular events include:

  • Clothing Sales
  • Concerts/Plays/Performances
  • Competitions
  • Food Sales
  • Merchandise Sales
  • Canning
  • Dues Collection
  • Donation Fundraisers

Event Planning

SABS offers financial advice to any student organization holding an event. In order to utilize our event supplies and equipment or online services, an organization must have a SABS bank account.

In-Person Sales

In-Person Cash Sales

There is an assortment of supplies and equipment available for cash sale events:

  • After Hours Deposit Bags
  • Change Funds
  • Inventory Sheets
  • Locking Cash Boxes
  • Locking Deposit Bags
  • Printed Receipts
  • Printed Tickets
  • Tally Sheets
  • Ticket Rolls (Single & Double)

In-Person Card Sales - No fees or finance charges for student organizations!

In-Person card sales allow your organization to collect money from credit or debit cards during your event. SABS provides organizations with an iPad that displays your merchandise list and a card swipe device through which bank card transactions can be processed.

Benefits to using card sales:

  • No fees or finance charges
  • Automatic verification is provided for each transaction
  • Itemized report is sent to the treasurer at end of sale

How to request in-person sales contract:

Additional requirements for use:

  • Events must be held in the Student Union
  • First event must be during regular business hours
  • Future events may be held overnight

SABS encourages organizations to utilize the After Hours Drop Box to make event deposits. Do not use the drop box for equipment returns; equipment should be brought back to the SABS office.

Online Sales

No fees or finance charges for student organizations!

These online sales allow organizations to bring income directly into their bank account by means of credit or debit cards. Utilizing this platform provides an easy and efficient way to collect money.

Benefits of using online sales:

  • No fees or finance charges
  • Automatic verification is provided for each transaction
  • Report updates are sent directly to the treasurer:
    • Sales transactions as they occur
    • Notifications of bank deposits
    • Weekly summary of transactions
    • Overall summary at the end of the sale

How to request an online sale:

  • Go to the SABS Online Marketplace Request
  • Log in with your NetID Single Sign On
  • Complete and submit the form
  • SABS will contact you within 5 days of receiving your request

If you have any questions regarding the event services we provide, please contact our office.