Accessing Your SABS Online Submissions

To view your SABS online submissions you must go to the Kuali Build website - Kuali Build:

  • Log in with your Net-ID Single Sign On.
  • Click on My Documents at the top of the Home page.


To work with your Submitted forms:

  • Click on Submitted.
  • You should now be viewing a list of your submitted SABS forms.
  • Note the Status of each submission:
    • If the status is COMPLETE, no further action is needed.
    • If the status is IN PROGRESS, click on the submission.
  • Once the submission opens, click on the toggle switch in the top left corner, moving it from Review to Status
  • You should now be viewing the Workflow Status of the document where you can see the stage of approval for the document.


To work with your Drafts:

  • Click on Drafts.
  • You should now be viewing a list of the SABS forms you are still working on.
  • Click on the submission you would like to view.
  • Once the submission opens:
    • Edit the document and press Submit if you have completed the form.
    • Edit the document and press Save if you are not finished.
    • Press Discard if you no longer need to submit the form.



Email SABS with any other questions or concerns: